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Excel 2016 Intermediate e-learning

Excel 2016 Intermediate e-learning

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This Excel training is ideal for users, who are familiar with the basics of MS Excel, but require knowledge of more advanced MS Excel. It provides knowledge on file formatting, columns and rows, and working with formulae, managing and using multiple worksheets, using functions (Sum, AutoSum, Average, Max, Text, Conditional Formatting), as well as creating and editing charts.

Course outline:

• File formats and columns and rows.
• Working with formulae.
• Creating multiple views.
• Formatting and editing worksheets.
• Printing and page setup.
• Using functions.
• Charts.
• Formula auditing.

This is a course created by Sage Intelligence Instructional Designers.

The certifications are not accredited, and we offer it on the basis of front-end financial reporting of our Sage Accounting software.  

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