Why study Sage Pastel through Avrio Kursusse?

We have the very best in Sage Pastel Accounting software courses, and we're here to help you get certified.

We know that studying can be hard, but we've got the solution: our self-study and e-learning bookkeeping and accounting courses are designed to give you the skills you need in a way that works best for your needs. You can study anytime, anywhere, and receive your certification from Sage Pastel as soon as you complete the course(s) and pass the exam(s) on Sage University.

Sage has been around for what feels like forever. The company was launched and remains in the North East of England despite becoming a global brand as it has continually grown since 1981.

It is the biggest accountancy software package in the UK and the third largest worldwide and has evolved to cater for over six million users.

Sage accounting certification is what you need to break into the industry if you lack “real world” experience as it shows employers that you do have some form of practical knowledge when it comes to actually using the accounting and bookkeeping software that so many businesses rely on. As is the case in most industries today, in the world of accounting and bookkeeping, employers are focusing more and more heavily on the actual experience of candidates, rather than just the presence of an academic background.

Order your Sage Pastel Accounting course(s) from Avrio Products.

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